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Mr Bhai Angullia and Mdm Farz Abdat

were the pioneers behind this well known company.
Back from living and working abroad for a few years,
what started out as a trading company for building materials

Perle Noire), soon evolved into an
Interior Design and Renovations company,
Perle Noire designs.
Although business was somewhat good,
in 2008, it was decided between the duo that specializing in one
or two particular construction material would be the best way to sustain
a lucrative and stable business career.
Flooring materials was finally decided upon after much deliberation and market research.

They painstakingly started searching for the best types of flooring materials that would best serve our
Singaporean market. Although there are tons of different types of materials out there in the market, as
you might agree, the duo wanted nothing but affordability when it came to their prospective
consumers. They wanted to be able to serve the masses at pricings that were not only affordable, but
in-fact too ridiculous to pass off. This soon proved to be a task.

How were they going to find a material that was affordable, beautiful, hassle free and lasting?

Again, through their travels together and resourcefulness, it was finally decided that Laminated wood
and Vinyl click system flooring was the best thing for Singaporeans and their homes.... and soon their
reign in the flooring industry began. was born in 2009.
And there was no other company that could stop it from becoming one of the most sought after
wholesale flooring companies in Singapore.

With a keen business sense, a great social network base and market knowledge, time and time again,
Mr Bhai and Madam Farz showed and proved that keeping prices down does not necessarily mean
keeping profits down.
Sadly not many companies out there agree.

Branding was of the utmost importance as Mr Bhai would always say.
''There would come a time where is the only company name & website address on
people's minds when they think of beautiful and affordable flooring''..... and how sooo right he was!

With a huge fanbase on Facebook and top rankings on search engines,

it is no wonder Mr Bhai & Mdm Farz are able to fill their work schedules day in and day out.

'' With a steady stream of happy customers, there is NO REASON to raise our pricings....''  
(quoted off an actual telephone conversation between Mr Bhai and a competitor)

We are glad that you have managed to hear about us and have landed on our website. Be rest
assured that you are on the right path to achieving that dream look & feel for your home, shop or
office space.

We have been dubbed Singapore's most value for money Laminated Floorer's.

In fact, we are the CHEAPEST!

Our Laminated flooring boards and HERV vinyl flooring are ISO Certified and comes with wax-coated
click grooves for that added protection against moisture. We have supplied and installed click system
flooring in thousands of homes, offices and shops all over Singapore. Some of our past and recent
clients are as follows…

Thousands of HDB home owners.
Changi International Airport
True Fitness (Singapore)
Iyengar Yoga (Singapore)
Iya Yoga
Prodigy Pre-School
Desert Roses Dance Studios (contestants in One Moment of Glory)
Columbus School and Child-care
Cherie Hearts school
Various Primary & Secondary Schools
Various private schools and institutions
Tons of Landed property owners
Hundreds of condo owners
Various shops in Bugis Junction, Parkway Parade, Riverwalk Galleria, Daimaru, TampinesMall, IMM
...................and many many more!
Fans get Freebies all the time!
+65 68442311
+65 93371939 (Mr Bhai)